Initial Strategy

Initially when strategizing for this project the idea was to promote Kayak’s new car rentals through a digital platform. In order to feel in cohesion with Kayak’s branding I studied their brand and how they promoted themselves online and how their target audience promotes themselves online. The conclusion I came to is that the only thing that makes Kayak stand out is that they are about speed of service and how easy their website is to use. Therefore, the idea was to explore a partnership that could potentially solidify this positioning for long term growth in the ever-growing work of Digital Travel sites.

Creative Field

  • Branding/logo design
  • Strategy
  • Packaging
  • Web design

Second Iteration of Wire Frames

Through iteration and conception, it was decided that Kayak would initiate a race entirely sponsored by them with 4 specific racers from the most popular destinations that people go to.

Final Mockups

Through user testing and iterating I found that users wanted to know what kind of car they would drive or where they could travel to. Therefore, Kayak would give winning users exclusive access to each of the racer’s custom cars.

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Australia's Page

Hawaii's Page

Spain's Page

Brazil's Page