Initial Strategy

The initial strategy for this project was to look at the direction for the teacher interface for Pro: Up's and define the look and feel as it fits within Pro:Up's current branding.

Creative Field

  • User Experience UX
  • Strategy
  • Art Direction
  • Product Design



JazzEarth wind and fireMotownVery Old school



engaging YoungDynamicDesirable SleekHypeBold

Orignial Branding Inspired

Conservitive Branding

Creative Branding

Wire Framing

Then we looked at what the sales team had developed in terms of wire frames. We attempted to utilize all the ideas that the sales team had collected from the interviews they had with their  cliental.

One thing that was discovered was that the flat wireframes were lacking in interactivity and functionality in terns of settings, editing tools and other systems that would help augment the experience.

Interface Design

We identified how we wanted the icons to look in relationship with the amount of content that was delivered and simplified the icons.

Also, We delivered a functioning prototype to use for sales.